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House of Aaron Cares

This is the branch of the House of Aaron LLC that has an focus on giving back.  We all become products of our environment, this is an effort to produce positive outcomes by way of community outreach.  The House of Aaron LLC has three major programs that follow the trimester format. Any and all materials can be collected at anytime.  The trimester format is just the concentrated area of giving for a specific need.

Clothing Drive (January, February, March April)

This is the collection of any clothing, blankets, and other materials that are needed to transition through the seasons.  Winters and summers are the most harsh times for the individuals sleeping on the streets.  

School Supplies Drive (May, June, July, August)

This is the collection of any school related materials.  Old uniforms are also acceptable too.  These materials are used to help our youth be prepared for school.  We must put forth an effort to help be our youth be ready and focused.  It is not the children's responsibility to worry, their only job is to learn.  

Food Drive (September, October, November, December)

This is the collection of any and all food materials.  This is much needed at this time of the year as we have families that do not have the resources to put food on the table during the holiday season. With donations will be able to provide food baskets and meals for the homeless and struggling families.

Other Giving Activities 

7 for Heaven: This is a giving effort that requires dollar menu items. McDonald's example 4 apple pies and 4 Mc Chickens.

Water for All:  This is a effort to stockpile water to ensure that a sustainable resource will be available in times of crisis.

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Get Involved

A great place to start is with tent city facility, this is where a group of grass root organizations are working together and that are getting things done.  By providing resources to them it is ensured that the items will reach the people.  What is tent city? click here 

Call Wayne to make direct donations 443-762-0457